Grand Pacific Hotel

clouds & waves — spring

We are so delighted to introduce clouds & waves, our first 7-inch series. Inspired by the natural world, each vinyl encapsulates the essence of the current season, woven together with ever-changing clouds and waves.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, each 7-inch is a tribute to the beauty of handmade. Made with our dear friends Some Kodama & Ace General Store, based in Enoshima (JP) who use natural materials and hand-dye with hues mirroring the seasons.

clouds & waves series is a celebration of nature's perpetual cycle. Released quarterly, the series aligns with the rhythm of the seasons. With each new release, we invite you to re-connect with the ebb and flow of nature's moods.

Recorded at Room 2122 (04/04/2023)

Musicians Seira, Kosei, Satoru, Rick, Ren & Kaito

Edited by Kaito Sakuma

Mastered by DubmalaS

Special thanks to Sanan Anuar (Bogus Merchandise) & Eiji Tani (Sur St.)

Released May 10, 2024

Enjoyable at 45 & 33 rpm

***LIMITED TO 300 ***
*** ANALOG ONLY RELEASE *** (No digital files or music platform)