Grand Pacific Hotel

Now is spring, in blue, with Grand Pacific Hotel.
7 questions to Grand Pacific Hotel

Guruguru Brain  Can you tell us who you are & where are you from?

Grand Pacific Hotel  I am the owner of Grand Pacific Hotel and also a musician. I usually make mirror speakers and work on sound design. I was born in Japan to a Brazilian mother and a Japanese father. I mainly grew up in Japan but have also spent some time in Brazil. Now I live in Malaysia.

GGB  Where did "Grand Pacific Hotel" come from? What does it mean?
GPH  It’s the name of the hotel I stayed at on my first overseas trip. It's a starting point, a place where many people gather. However, there's still something about that place.

GGB  What are the main themes running through the single? Are there any particular points of inspiration?

GPH   Actually, I didn't compose the songs this time. As the title of the project suggests, we recorded with members gathered in a hotel like room. The method itself may be conventional. However, we completely excluded language-like elements such as sheet music, and it's something like a 'moment' born from endless jam sessions resembling a never-ending journey.

GGB  — Is there a feeling or emotion you want people to feel when they hear this record?

GPH  — I would like them to hum the melody that comes to their mind. These two songs are more like accompaniments for you. I want you to search for your melody within the repeated refrains. By doing so, it will become a more immersive experience.

GGB  — What does blue mean to you?

GPH  — To me, blue signifies emptiness. While the colour of the sea is called blue, water itself is transparent. Even the blue sky doesn't have something blue in it. However, when facing that emptiness, everyone's cherished memories are triggered, I think. Humans tend to fill in that blank. I consider those moments very precious.

GGB — What do you think of when you hear the word Spring?

GPH  — When I hear spring, I feel nostalgic. Because Malaysia doesn't have seasons like Japan. In that sense, what comes to mind is the memory of something like a new beginning. Going to a new school when I was a child was also like spring. Perhaps it's more about new beginnings.

GGB  — Overall, what was the recording process like for you?

GPH  — It's an endless journey. Just like the recent recording, there were no demos, only the concept text and studio booking. We didn't think about anything until the day of recording. In my musical journey, it's like “a reset”. Until that day, I kept thinking about various things through other projects, not just music, but on the recording day, I forgot everything and focused only on the sounds I loved. It's both enjoyable and challenging. It's a thorough process of questioning what I want to express through music.



photo credit — Yona