Ramayana Soul

Release date: 22-04-2016

Ramayana Soul continues to play with audience expectations. 
They are creating new musical colors by blending the sound of the East with the psychedelia and soul­rock of the 60s.  
Sabdatanmantra is more than just romance-psychedelia. 
In Almunium Foil and Dimensi Dejavu Ivon’s intoxicating vocals are broken by rhythmic shouts that echo back to their punk influence. 
The changing tempos and chanting vocals often dissolve into sitar freak outs or guitar solos.  
The percussion and keyboard accompaniment crowded into Rhaksasa is a throwback to the Madchester era reinterpreted by the east. 
Sabdatanmantra is more than simply East meets West; it is a synthesis of new global sounds.